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As to the determination of the quantity of the cathedraticum, we find the First Provincial Council of Cincinnati requesting Propaganda to sanction some uniform method, but the latter preferred to commit this to the diocesan synods.

In the acts of the First Provincial Council of Quebec in 1851, we fine the following scheme "proposed" to Propaganda.

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It states that each bishop of the province should determine the amount in a diocesan synod.

The earliest legislation on the subject seems to be a canon of the Second Council of Braga (572). The reason given for this limitation is that at the time of the Council of Braga the sacraments were administered to the faithful in parochial churches only. Ordin.) that not only chapters and parish churches, but also endowed chapels and benefices should be subject to the same tax (Rota coram Tan. This sum was to be paid to the bishop on the occasion of his annual visitation of his diocese.